Warped Times - Developer Diary #1

I'm glad to be able to bring you the first developer blog of our new upcoming game Warped Times - and since it's the first part of the developer blog and so far we've only published some previews and teasers of development on our sites, we'll take it from the beginning :)
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3x64 now available for Android!

It's been a long time since the last update of 3x64, but I believe today's great news will be a good compensation - to cut it short, after much testing and tweaking, 3x64 finally arrives to long-promised Android phones!

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Reveal of the next-gen version of 3x64! (April news)

On this special day we have prepared for you demo of our the most advanced next-gen engine for future version of 3x64, which we've been working on for a whole week and with great expectation it's finally here!

Our greatest brains teamed up and created a whole new definition of next gen gaming - connecting all available technologies like RTX, DirectX 12 features and VR support brings unique game experience! Just run the game and try it for yourself! But be sure you have really powerful computer! And don't forget to show us which part you liked the most :)

Note: besides this announcement, I have another good news for you - this special version of the game will be available also after 1st April and I'm planning to add this minigame as free DLC on the Steam and itch :)

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3x64 is coming to PC soon!


After a short break in game development, we are bringing good news – next month, we are releasing a remake of our 10 year old game – 3×64!

We have significantly improved the gameplay with new elements and power-ups, and completely remastered the graphics and audio design into a more modern style.

If you need a refresher – the game is about connecting 3 or more blocks of the same color, while the entire game board regularly rotates, requiring you to plan ahead. You can obtain a large variety of power-ups, many of which can be combined together – explore 15 different power-ups, from various explosives, time manipulation, to minigames such as arkanoid and shooting.

Just like in the predecessor, you can fight your way into the leaderboards and obtain a variety of achievements. In addition, you will be able to see statistics about your games and used power-ups. 3x64 will be available on Steam and on Thursday, October 31, for the memorable price of €3.64 :)

While the official trailer is coming in October, right now you can enjoy an early look into the gameplay.

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Hunger of Darkness #2 - Building a prototype

Greetings to all readers of our blog! After a rather long time, we are back with another entry about our largest game project to date, Hunger of Darkness.

It has been a long time since the last blog entry, but don't worry about missing any important news :). That's because the development is going quite slowly, mainly due to the complexity of the project, and the fact that we can only work on it in our free time, during evenings and weekends. Thankfully, we are getting closer to our first playable prototype!
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Looking back to 2015 (part 1)

Greetings to all of our loyal and new readers!

I decided to finally dust off our development blog :). Today, I would like to catch up on content for teh blog, and break down everything that happened in 2015 regarding the team.

Last year was a difficult one for all of the members. It just happened that for nearly all of us, it was our last year of high school which ends with very important final exams, so for the first half of the year, we did not have much time to focus on development. Thankfully everything ended well, and as a part of my exam, I created my first project in the Unity engine. It is a game called Mindness.
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Warped Times: Pres3nt - The end is nearing!

Greetings! Welcome to a development diary of Warped Times: Pres3nt.

About a month ago, we released a trailer, where we estimated that the game would be released during the fall of 2014. Since then, we have completed many of our tasks and the development is progressing according to our plans, so after two and a half years of development we can finally announce the final release date – the northern hemisphere's autumnal equinox, or the 23rd of September.

Since the game is going to be released in a month and a half, we are now focusing on bug fixing, optimizations, polishing and last finishing touches. And that's what I would love to share with all of you, who have been following the development of the game with us :).

Improvements to level background
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Warped Times: Pres3nt - Trailer

In the last 7 days, we have achieved great milestones in the development of Warped Times. We are now working on finishing levels, bonuses and English translation.

More importantly - we have created a gameplay trailer in both Czech and English. The trailer shows both calm and action-paced parts of the game, including bosses, minigames, and puzzles, accompanied by original score created by Tomáš Oliva and Dominik "DarknesS" Gottwald.

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