Reveal of the next-gen version of 3x64! (April news)

On this special day we have prepared for you demo of our the most advanced next-gen engine for future version of 3x64, which we've been working on for a whole week and with great expectation it's finally here!

Our greatest brains teamed up and created a whole new definition of next gen gaming - connecting all available technologies like RTX, DirectX 12 features and VR support brings unique game experience! Just run the game and try it for yourself! But be sure you have really powerful computer! And don't forget to show us which part you liked the most :)

Note: besides this announcement, I have another good news for you - this special version of the game will be available also after 1st April and I'm planning to add this minigame as free DLC on the Steam and itch :)

2020-04-01 | Satik64 | | |


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