About us

Lightning Soft was founded 14 March 2008 with a single member, but eventually more members joined the team. For a long time, we have been concentrating on freeware game development in Game Maker, in which we've completed several games aimed at Czech gamers.

After collecting experience, we've decided to try to reach larger scope of gamers on the international scene. Currently we create games for the PC and mobiles.



Position: Founder, game designer, graphic designer and programmer
E-mail: Satik64@gmail.com
Website: http://satik64.8u.cz

Ever since I was a child, I had a passion for gaming but eventually I wasn't satisfied just playing them - my dream was to start creating my own worlds and stories. This dream came true when I discovered the basics of game development, and on my way I met many great people, with whom I continue in this dream and I try to achieve more with each completed work.

Besides that I like bitmap and vector graphics, and I'm learning 3D graphics as well. I am also responsible for the programming part of desktop games. My other hobbies include webdesign and game modding.

My inspirational games: Original Crash Bandicoot series, The Neverhood, Heart of Darkness, Prototype 2, Crysis series, Trine


Name: Lukáš Kurčík
Position: Webgenius, graphic "designer"
E-mail: lukas.kurcik@gmail.com
Website: http://www.greenmanov.net/

I've been in the team since 2009, and I thought I was going to be able to do graphics. There was an issue though, when I discovered I had no artistic feel and skills whatsoever. Nowadays I'm trying to balance that with my web making abilities, and I believe that we will find a real graphics designer one day.


Name: Daniel Chýlek
Position: Programmer, translator, occasional game designer
E-mail: contact@chylex.com
Website: http://chylex.com/


Name: Anna
Position: 3D graphic artist

“Wubba lubba dub-dub!”
- Rick Sanchez


Name: Jan V.
Position: Game Developer, Tester
E-mail: jackm18@seznam.cz

I discovered a tool for developing computer games in my childhood and it enthralled me for several years so I developed and developed.

I met Satik64 thanks to a game in the manner of GTA the project was named "The Život Zločince" it was an emotional experience but we move to other projects and this project was stopped.

I had a lot of projects in my hard drive and I got a lot of experiences for developing software.
A lot of my games were only attempts but some games were released and presented for a community who developed games too.

On our webpage, you could find my last games: "The JedličkaCZECH" or predecessor "The CukroCZECH". I primarily thank to Satik64 for the graphical part of games.

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